Our students are required to complete a minimum of 10 hours of Community Service between the months of November and January. I received this email at the beginning of January from Beth Karzes, a staff member at the Sonoma County Humane Society:

I’m emailing to share with you the wonderful help your TLT students provided during our Animal Adventure & Education Camps, during the winter break.  The high school students below in your TLT program volunteered and gave 3- 6 full days for a total of 25 – 50 hours per student, including the orientation and training prior to the start of the camps.  After working with these students for 2 weeks during the busy holiday season, I learned that many of them only needed 10 or less hours to complete their years worth of TLT hours, but these students volunteered above and beyond what was required of them and helped me enormously.  I wanted you each to know how grateful I was to have met both or you and your program and to be connected to these high school students.  I’ve listed their names and their school sites in the hope that you can pass along to their site or region TLT coordinators of how appreciative I am.  They added youthful energy and fun for our campers, they came early and stayed after to help prepare and clean up.  As a local not for profit, we are a volunteer run organization, but many volunteers with the Humane Society choose to work directly with the animals and not as many volunteers are as interested in working in our youth programs, thus it is a challenge to find volunteers who enjoy working with youngsters.  I am so very thankful for all their help!  I hope there is some way the TLT program can acknowledge their efforts which was during their own personal holiday vacation and I think went above and beyond their normal call of duty.  It made a huge difference in my ability to offer a fun, engaging, and professional program to our participants!!  Thank you TLT !!!!
Tovi Balliao                                        Piner High School
Sydney Laron                                     Cardinal Newman
Elizabeth, Ellie, Petty                    Maria Carrillo
Christine Wilhoyte                         Santa Rosa High School
Alexandra, Lexi, Bormeth            Santa Rosa High School
Kathryn Yin                                         Maria Carrillo High School

We are so incredibly proud of ALL the TLT students who have completed their Community Service hours! The growth amongst these students is truly remarkable. Who they are when they start the program and who they are when they leave, are two different people!