Because it Prepares our Youth for the Future!


For the past 20 years Tomorrow’s Leaders Today (TLT) has exposed high school juniors to the wonders of Sonoma County. Each month students explore the excitement, ingenuity, and commitment of business, industrial, government and non-profit sectors that keep Sonoma County alive and vibrant.

Take Action!
90% of TLT graduates go on to college!!

Become a Leader!
TLT gives students the self- confidence and direction needed to make wise
choices for their futures!

Build Sonoma County!
75% of TLT graduates go on to volunteer in their communities


Our work now includes building a strong workforce for Sonoma County! The Career Readiness Program is a robust, cutting-edge, program that provides “real world” experiences and builds upon the self-management skills (creativity, communication, collaboration, and critical thinking) necessary to be successful in the 21st Century Workplace. CRP is a partnership with Sonoma County Office of Education, Santa Rosa City Schools, Santa Rosa Junior College, Sonoma County Alliance, and John Jordan Foundation proving that Collective Impact can make a difference in the lives of Sonoma County students.

Supporting Research:
The overwhelming majority (93 %) of the HR managers surveyed said technical skills are easier to teach than soft skills.

The most in-demand soft skills cited by the managers are:

  • Organizational skills (87%)
  • Verbal communication (81%)
  • Teamwork and collaboration (78%)
  • Problem solving (60%)
  • Tact and diplomacy (59%)
  • Business writing (48%)
  • Analytical skills (45%)

IAAP members were surveyed on soft skills areas in which they would like to improve. Areas mentioned most:

Analytical Verbal communication Negotiation Problem solving


Through a vibrant partnership with Chop’s Teen Club, TLT provides a Youth Empowerment Council for ANY and ALL high school students interested in utilizing their leadership skills, educating elementary and middle school students about civic engagement, and providing a youth voice in the development of Sonoma County.

The Youth Empowerment Council’s work has opened the doors for more youth to participate in local and county government. They have:

  • Secured two youth seats on the Health Action Council: a task force developed by the Sonoma County Supervisors who work to get people involved in creating a healthier Sonoma County
  • Developed a teen D.I.N.E. program with the City of Santa Rosa. D.I.N.E stands for Discussion Inspiring Neighborhood Engagement. These monthly pot luck dinners held at Chop’s Teen Club allows young people to come together, with adults, to discuss experience and insight about civic participation
  • Developed a hands-on, engaging workshop for middle school youth, which helps middle school students identify their leadership style, learn to speak up for their beliefs and engaging in the community.

TLT is a partner of the Cradle to Career Movement of Sonoma County and continues to build private and public partnerships to do what is best for the youth of Sonoma County!