Here are the forms you will need to apply to participate in TLT, and some basic instructions.

Step 1: Obtain the 2017-2018 TLT Program …

These are PDF files that you can download, type into and save (preferred). Or, you can print them out and hand write the information on the pages.

If you need to obtain a paper copy of these forms, see the TLT Contact Person at your School.

Step 2: Fill out the Application. Remember, you will need:

  • Signatures from you and your parent/guardian (see Expectations & Commitments page)
  • Signature from your school principal (see Expectations & Commitments page)

Scholarships are available to help you participate regardless of your family income. To request this support, complete the 1-page Scholarship Application within the Application packet.

Step 3: Obtain References

If you did not download the Reference Form twice, make an electronic copy of the Form, so you have one Form for each of your Reference Providers.

Type your name at the top of each Reference Form, and √ the TLT class you are applying to. Then save the form.

Email the Reference Form to the person who agreed to complete it for you (or print out the paper form and give it to them). Let them know when you need it back, and follow up with them to get it!

Step 4: Submit your Application Packet

Once you have filled in all the information, answered the questions, obtained all the signatures and have your two Reference Forms, turn in the completed application packet to the TLT Contact Person at your school no later than March 16, 2017.

IF you would rather submit your application by mail, send it to:

Tomorrow’s Leaders Today

c/o Boys & Girls Clubs of Central Sonoma County

1400 N. Dutton Ave., Suite 14

Santa Rosa, CA 95401

To help prevent lost applications, we strongly recommend that you email the TLT Class Coordinator to say that you are mailing your Application!

Remember to put enough postage on the envelope:

  • if you FOLD your Application into a letter-size envelope, postage is 70 cents
  • if you put your Application FLAT in a large envelope (e.g. 8.5″ x 11″ or larger), postage is $1.19


Any questions?

Contact TLT by:


phone: (707) 528-7977