john-jordanJohn Jordan Foundation

The foundation was formed in March of 2012 through the vision of John Jordan, CEO of Jordan Vineyard & Winery. We are excited to have you visit our website to learn about our goals and programs.

John Jordan believes in active philanthropy and focusing locally to impact programs for educational attainment and enhancing peoples lives. The Foundation will encourage collaboration for the most impact to our community and help organizations excite their donors with matching grants.

John Jordan Foundation Goals

  • Identifying and closing the gaps in the educational system
  • Improving school performance and career readiness
  • Decreasing the negative health impacts associated with poverty
  • Creating opportunities for the underserved populations to improve quality of life through loan programs and career training


In this era of broken and dysfunctional government it is incumbent on businesses and individuals to voluntarily do what must be done to help our most vulnerable fellow citizens and ensure that all have access to the opportunities of this great country.

John Jordan